My First Therapy Session.

Hi friends, happy Tuesday! We're officially back to the grind and I must admit that I'm not ready. I definitely enjoyed my long weekend, spent a lot of time with family which is a bit rare for us given that we all work and our schedules are so different. Anyway, I wanted to share with [...]

I Joined A Book Club!

This year I decided that it was going to be filled with taking small but mighty leaps. Ever since I was a kid I've had a love for reading and writing, I was at the library all the time in elementary and middle school. It was my little safe haven. I haven't pick up a [...]

Why I’m On Instagram.

Hey there! So glad you were able to swing by! If you're heading over from Instagram then you know exactly what will about to go down, if not then let me fill ya in. Recently I attended an event hosted by the San Diego business babes (@sdbsuinessbabes), which if you're a blogger and you haven't [...]