Blog posts are back: What has been really going on.

Hey you! Welcome back! I know, I know, it's been a crazy hot minute but let me fill you in. Grab some coffee or a snack because this might get lengthy, not sure. I always like to be as transparent as possible with you guys, so here it is. It has been work, money, and [...]


What’s To Come With Soy Libre

Hi friends! So glad that you decided to stop by. Today I figured I would share some of things I really want to focus on here at Soy Libre and on Instagram. If you're coming straight from my post on Instagram, then you know that I was away for two days and by that I [...]

My First Therapy Session.

Hi friends, happy Tuesday! We're officially back to the grind and I must admit that I'm not ready. I definitely enjoyed my long weekend, spent a lot of time with family which is a bit rare for us given that we all work and our schedules are so different. Anyway, I wanted to share with [...]

I Joined A Book Club!

This year I decided that it was going to be filled with taking small but mighty leaps. Ever since I was a kid I've had a love for reading and writing, I was at the library all the time in elementary and middle school. It was my little safe haven. I haven't pick up a [...]

Why I’m On Instagram.

Hey there! So glad you were able to swing by! If you're heading over from Instagram then you know exactly what will about to go down, if not then let me fill ya in. Recently I attended an event hosted by the San Diego business babes (@sdbsuinessbabes), which if you're a blogger and you haven't [...]

Summer Bucket List 2018

Most of you guys know by now that I'm part vampire, right? lol Winter and rainy days are my jam! but... I do enjoy summer when it's here. I love that the days are longer, and our bodies can absorb all that delightful vitamin D. Plus, I love summer clothes! Dresses and skirts are my [...]

The Girl Behind Soy Libre.

Hello Beautiful ladies and possible gents! Today, I figured it would be a fun little twist to share a few things about me. You know, get to know the girl behind the scenes a little bit better. I'm going to be sharing 10 things that make me happy and 10 facts about me. I have [...]