Three Winter Lip Shades You Need This Season.

Three Winter Lip Shades You Need This Season.

I love a good lip color! Whether it's matte, a gloss, or a regular lipstick, I always have multiple options in my purse. I'd say I'm definitely a nude/neutrals kinda gal pretty much year round but every now and then I dip my toe in the wild side and explore other shades. This winter holiday [...]

Scorch Lips!

Hi lovelies! I wanted to share an amazing product that I think you all will just love and some exciting news! I'm so honored to be able to be an ambassador for Scorch Make up (@scorch_makeup)! I'm a huge lippie lover, anything from gloss to liquid lips just give to me because it's my jam. [...]

Holiday Make Up Must Haves

// Hey there girlfriend! Today is going to be a good read because we're talking... make up! It's the holidays and there's a lot of gatherings, secret santa's and white elephant events that you're most likely attending to making it the perfect occasions to doll up. So, I wanted to share the products I've been [...]

5 Absolute Must Shopping Stores For The Holidays.

Doesn't it seem that during the holiday's money goes faster than it comes? Every year, I'm always scrounging places last minute to go shop to where not only I can shop affordably for my entire family, but also find things that they genuinely like. Every single person in my family has a different taste, which [...]