Beauty Must Haves

My All Time Favorite Fragrance

One of the best feelings fragrances bring in to my life is the ability to connect an amazing memory to a scent. I find that when I travel I usually find myself bringing only 1-2 perfumes but always end up just using one and essentially my memories and adventures cling on that specific perfume. I

Beauty Must Haves|Tis' The Season

Holiday Make Up Must Haves

Hey there girlfriend! Today is going to be a good read because we’re talking… make up! It’s the holidays and there’s a lot of gatherings, secret santa’s and white elephant events that you’re most likely attending to making it the perfect occasions to doll up. So, I wanted to share the products I’ve been wearing

Beauty Must Haves

5 Lipsticks To Get You Fall Ready

I have a serious compulsive disorder when it comes to lipsticks. For some reason lip products are what I gravitate towards the most when it comes to make up shopping. I have so many lipsticks, glosses, liquid lipsticks, girl errthang! I love pinky nudes and, well… nudes in general lol,  but once fall season hits,

Beauty Must Haves

Holy (Grail) Matte Products!

Hi chicas! I hope you guys are having a happy Friday! The weather lately has been driving me bananas! It’s like summer wants to leave us a little early this year.  Some days it’s cloudy and cold (even sprinkling!) in the morning but the sun still manages to pull through mid day and bring on