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I’m A Color Street Stylist!

Hi beauties! Welcome back! I’m glad ya’ll decided to stop by because today is an exciting one! I wanted to share that I’m officially a Color Street stylist! I wanted to touch on some important points on what I’ll be doing, what you can expect from me, and what you’ll be seeing more of here

Beauty Must Haves

My All Time Favorite Fragrance

One of the best feelings fragrances bring in to my life is the ability to connect an amazing memory to a scent. I find that when I travel I usually find myself bringing only 1-2 perfumes but always end up just using one and essentially my memories and adventures cling on that specific perfume. I

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Holiday Make Up Must Haves

Hey there girlfriend! Today is going to be a good read because we’re talking… make up! It’s the holidays and there’s a lot of gatherings, secret santa’s and white elephant events that you’re most likely attending to making it the perfect occasions to doll up. So, I wanted to share the products I’ve been wearing

Beauty Must Haves

5 Lipsticks To Get You Fall Ready

I have a serious compulsive disorder when it comes to lipsticks. For some reason lip products are what I gravitate towards the most when it comes to make up shopping. I have so many lipsticks, glosses, liquid lipsticks, girl errthang! I love pinky nudes and, well… nudes in general lol,ย  but once fall season hits,

Beauty Must Haves

Holy (Grail) Matte Products!

Hi chicas! I hope you guys are having a happy Friday! The weather lately has been driving me bananas! It’s like summer wants to leave us a little early this year.ย  Some days it’s cloudy and cold (even sprinkling!) in the morning but the sun still manages to pull through mid day and bring on