Highlight of the Week: I’m an Introvert & Filipino Feast

Hey ya'll! So this week in the office we had a group activity with my small department that helped determine the type of personalities we have and how those either help us work great together or can help us understand and possibly solve any tension. What made this excerise so great was that they linked [...]

Highlights of The Week: Kensington Café & Sunsets in Coronado

Ending the weekend doing the things I love with the people I love most gives me such a satisfactory feeling . Grabbing breakfast and going out to local cafe's are my weakness. In a recent Instagram post, I had mentioned that this week was rough and I was certainly not kidding. Leya and I are [...]

Highlight of the week: Universal Studios birthday get-away.

  There's nothing better than traveling to a fun destination on hot summer days with your girls. To go on a vacation you don't always have to travel far. Sometimes, going on a vacation can be in your very own hometown and it might just be a bit less hectic that traveling a long distance. [...]