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4 Tips To a More Organized Life

Hello Sunday, we meet again. So you guys, I have been feeling a little discouraged over the past few days.  I feel like my life has taken a seriously tumble downhill and I can’t seem to get up from it.  Some days I feel so motivated and other days I don’t even want to get


My Experience With Nexplanon

Seeing those two little pink lines means your life is going to change forever. If you’re a mother you very well know bringing a baby in to the world means an endless responsibility, but it also allows you to go on the most wonderful, painful, and emotional journey-pregnancy. Sometimes pregnancy hits us as a surprise,


How Self Love Has Helped Me Be A Better Mother

Being a mom is probably one of the most overwhelming feelings I’ve ever had. Constantly wondering if I’m doing motherhood right. Do any of you moms out there feel that way? It can be very mentally and physically stressful at times. From time to time I cry because I wonder whether or not I’m doing a


Easy Tips for Head Start

I knew that Leya turning three meant it would be time for school soon. My heart just sank because she’s been ready for this pretty much since she turned two, while I on the other hand have been kinda’ dreading it. I know that these are important steps in life, but it’s just so hard to


5 Ways Your Life Changes As a Mom

The other day I was getting out of the shower and noticed that I still have a few dark spots around my neck area. The same dark spots that appeared when I was pregnant with Cataleya… three years ago! At the time my mom mentioned that it was normal, some women get them around their


Cataleya’s Birthday Photo Shoot

Hey guys, so my daughter Cataleya recently turned three. It’s crazy to believe that my baby, my littler girl is now three years old! Turning three in the Mexican community is a pretty big deal.  Usually it entails a baptism and a huge party. I personally don’t think having a such a huge birthday party