Taco Fest + The Value of Friendships

Hi ya'll happy Monday! How was your guys' weekend? Anything fun?! Well, if you guys follow me on Instagram then you guys probably know that Taco Fest took place this week... and yes I stuffed my face with tacos, because how could I not? Lol Had the best mulita ever! (google it! πŸ˜‰) I went [...]

Baseball Filled Weekend

Fun fact #3 coming in hot! Ready? So I guess you can say that....I'm a huge baseball fan! Some of the fondest memories I have of my childhood, are my dad and I going to games at Qualcomm stadium. Back in my day, they used to pass out player cards and the entrance of the [...]

Coffee Shops + Home Purchases.

Welcome back friends! Just wanted to quickly share a brief recap of this past weekend. As you guys know, nothing excites me more than trying out new coffee shops (eeeek!), so for the coffee series I'm working on I have a pretty lengthy list of places of places to try. I want to pick the [...]