7 Steps to Manifesting A Life You Love.

Hey loves! I am a little too excited about today's wellness Wednesday post because it's regarding manifestation. If you have never even heard this word before, then let me allow google to give you the definition: Noun; an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something, especially a theory or an abstract idea. [...]

Mental Health + Social Media.

I have put this topic off for a while for several reasons. The most obvious one would definitely be that it's something so private that we choose when and who we open up about it. That's totally fair, so today I wanted to share my experience. First thing's first, what is mental health, well let's [...]


Wellness Wednesday where have you been all my life! I've been a little disconnected but there's just been so much going on this month.  Mainly with my personal life, some exciting things are happening as you know, but still working on that balance over here. Anyway, today I wanted to touch on choices. I've been [...]

Word of the day.

Hey there! So glad you're able to join me for another wellness Wednesday. I'm pretty excited to share this idea I've been having called 'word of the day.' Oh and just side note, I have never done this before. So we'll be going on this journey together! I've been going through several ups and downs [...]