Word of the day.

Hey there! So glad you're able to join me for another wellness Wednesday. I'm pretty excited to share this idea I've been having called 'word of the day.' Oh and just side note, I have never done this before. So we'll be going on this journey together! I've been going through several ups and downs [...]


Hey you, welcome back to another wellness Wednesday! Today I wanted to get a little more personal and chat about my diet/health along with energy. Where does my energy stem from, where do I focus that energy, and over all how to I keep it up. I haven't been on the healthiest kick for such [...]


Hi babes! Welcome back to another wellness Wednesday! Today I have a bit of a fun one, my friend April and I got together for a little girls pamper night yesterday and paired it with a little Rosè. Due to both of us being moms and working full time we rarely have time to have [...]