Hi there, welcome to The Wonderful Being! Formally known as Soy Libre. Thanks for stopping by! My name is Guadalupe Magos, born and raised in San Diego, Ca. I knew at a pretty young age that I wanted to be a writer. My dream was to go to Minnesota State University, obtain a degree in Journalism, and venture off to New York where I would maybe one day, be Cosmopolitan’s editor-in-chief.

Things didn’t quite play out that way, but I’m a firm believer that God knows why he does things and all things happen for a reason. Currently, I’m working in healthcare, and even though I didn’t pursue my Journalism dream, I’ve never stopped writing and I never plan on stopping. Writing makes me so incredibly happy! It allows me to be me, and express what I think, what I feel, and what I love. 

I created this blog because I want to invite you to come on this wonderful life journey with me. I want share my crazy coffee obession and finds, come behind the scenes of this motherhood journey, and special highlights in my life with you. I really hope you enjoy following along!


Guadalupe ♥