Writing to Santa + Christmas Tradition & Pictures


Happy Christmas Eve everyone! I know today might be super busy for a lot of you, but as always, thanks for stopping by. You know, as a kid, I always looked forward to two things: my birthday and christmas. Christmas always feels like a magical time, doesn’t it? It gives children the opportunity to day dream and wonder (and behave for hopefully a good month straight). I have so many wonderful memories as a child of Christmas time, and those memories are what really motivates me to try to make sure that we have the best Christmas experience for Leya.

She’s three this year, so she doesn’t fully get the concept of it yet, but starting to instill those traditions young are what will hopefully ensure she keeps the traditions going with her own family one day. What I didn’t realize was how hard and hectic it really is to be a parent, secretly buy gifts, stay up late to wrap them and still be able to contain yourself from not spilling the beans to your kids. Oh and let’s not forget taking them with you to Christmas shop to those fun-filled packed malls. Oh what fun! (Insert any sarcastic tone here, lol).

Today was pretty exciting to say the least. Her dad and I have managed to compromise on the holiday’s due to coming from different religions and really managed to pull off a fun productive day. We began by having coffee and pan dulce (sweet Mexican bread), of course hot cocoa for Leya and then quickly shifted to a Christmas photo shoot.

We also took the time to write a letter to Santa, and yes, it was very last-minute but you parents out there know how it is. It was a bit chaotic at first because, let’s be real here when do kids ever sit still and listen to everything you say? You’re right, never! lol

Overall, we spent a great time together. We laughed, we hugged, and really cherished this special time.  As Leya gets older, we decided this will be the Christmas tradition:

  • There will only be one main gift from Santa that will be wrapped differently and the rest are from mom and dad.
  • We will mail a letter to Santa a week before Christmas.
  • Gifts will be opened on Christmas Day.
  • Enjoy a festive meal as a family.
  • Pack a goodie basket for donations.  

Merry Christmas friends!

Xo, Guadalupe ♥






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