Saying Goodbye To Stress With My Little One.

Happy hump day my lovely mamas! This post is for you! And all you soon to be moms or planning to be. For today’s #WellnessWednesday I wanted to talk about Leya and my life as a mother.

Usually for today’s post, I try to share positive and uplifting blog posts, not that this one won’t be because it certainly will, but I think that all my mamas out there will be able to relate a bit more because y’all have either been there or will be there soon (not trying to scare ya either).

Motherhood, as I’ve mentioned before, is one heck or a ride. It has tons of ups and downs but it truly us an amazing and unique experience. I wanted to share how my daughter is my biggest stress reliever. That little nugget, always manages to put a smile on my face no matter the day or time. She is what I look forward to the most at the end of my work day. I love hearing her little school aka head start stories and all the things she did. From how she got the stains on her shirt to what all her drawings (that look the same) mean. Her imagination and love for the world just blows me away. It really is such a heart warming experience.

I, like most working moms, have bad days. Bad days when all I can think of is jetting off work, grabbing some wine, and just laying in my couch. Not saying there’s anything wrong with that cause girl, I’m guilty, but when that was the case, I noticed that at times I just stayed in this grouchy mood. I didn’t like getting home and not focusing on spending time with Leya, and instead being more concerned about pouring my glass of wine.

Let’s just say that, I’m the type of mom that if I “neglect” Leya for a second I feel guilty. So like all things in this world, there has to be balance. I realized that I didn’t want to feel like poop for not giving my daughter the attention she very well deserves but at times I’m also tired and stressed and need to decompress (hey! that rhymed!). Here’s a few things I do to find that balance:

  • Leave work at work. Don’t you dare take that stressful shift home. Vent to a friend or loved one. Trust me, just let it out girlfriend.
  • Communicate with your kids, they understand. Kids expect us to always be in the mood to play and talk and run around, but you guys know that’s not always the case. That’s ok, because we also need to let them know how we feel. My conversations with Leya usually goe like this: “Hey muffin, can you please give mommy a few minutes to relax? Mommy is very tired from work.” Or “How about we play tomorrow and do something a little more easy going right now? How about we read a book instead?” I end up even getting “massages” at times!
  • Do a puzzle. I love that Leya loves doing this because it actually gets her marbles going and it’s a pretty good destresser. It gets your mind focused on something other than whatever is stressing you out.
  • Bake something! Anything! Get dirty and laugh a lot!
  • Have a spa day! If you have a girl, this one is always fun! Have pedicure and do masks. I’ve done this with Leya once, and I put a lotion mask on her since she obviously can’t do a regular charcoal or hydrating mask, and two little cucumbers on her eyes. Seriously the cutest thing ever!
  • Movie night. Cliché but it’s cliché for a reason… and that’s because it truly is fun! I’m a kid at heart and love watching kid movies. We’re currently loving Trolls and all its awesome songs lol. Remember compromise is key.

Life gets very stressful. It’s hard to be a full time working individual, a mother, and trying squeeze in time for yourself. You guys know how much I love my motivational, inspiring, and uplifting quotes but at the very top of the list is always Leya. She motivates me to get up in the morning because if I work hard, I can give her a better life. Leya pushses me to be a better person and as a mother I want to be a leading example for her.

Ultimately, my goal as a mother is to be strong for my children. As I think it’s a goal for a lot of all moms out there. I want her to see me and see my unconditional love, care, drive and passion. I want her to know that she has saved me from myself… because of her and everything she’s taught me I’m a better me AND I live pretty stress free.😉

Till’ the next post!

Xo, Guadalupe

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