Out with the Mini, In with the Midi.

Chicas! It’s finally Friyay! Oh my gosh this was the longest-shortest week ever! But I’m glad were putting this week behind us and we’re here to have a little fashion talk! (Lord knows I need it lol).

For today’s #fashionfriday I want to talk about midi-tutu skirts! You guys, I don’t know if it’s my inner child but I am OBSESSED with this midi tutu skirt. I love the floral print and the colors are exactly what I love. I love plums, purples, and deep pinks almost magenta like colors. The best thing about this skirt for me is the length! I think mini skirts are starting to be a bit over rated. At least for me, what do ya’ll think?

I love how flttering it is on the waist too. It just hugs it so well and it flows down so princess like. Oh and the best part is that this skirt was $11.99 at…. Ross! That’s right! Can you guys believe that?! I purchased another one similar to this but with actual flower embroidery. Seriously to die for! And perfect for summer too!

So ladies be sure to check your local Ross next time you’re in there, there’s tons of little gems just waiting for you to stun in!

Till’ the next post!

Xo, Guadalupe

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