Sweet Coffee Pick Me Up.

Calling all coffee loversss! As we all know Monday’s are possible thanks to coffee! You guys know that I’m a sucker for anything coffee, even coffee ice cream.. but as delicious as it is, it’s not always the healthiest option (thanks a lot sugars).

I’ve been on a healthier streak lately loving it! Bur cutting out the sweet stuff is hard sometimes (a lot of the time actually). I’ve been browsing the grocery isles lately trying to find something that would scream out healthy and delicious and thus came Halo Top ice cream!

I’ve seen the hype on social media and I must say that I’m on board now too! One of my all time favorite treats, especially during summer are frozen chocolate covered bananas that’s why I decided to pick up this flavor when I saw it. Instant match made in heaven!Oh and yes, it’s absolutely delicious on it’s own.

However, I’m here to share a recent sweet little concoction that I came up with. I love coffee and I love chocolate covered bananas so why not mix them?!

I love Peet’s iced coffee and it pairs really well with this flavored ice cream. I would recommend not using a flavored iced coffee that way the sweetness from the ice cream pairs well with the coffee. I’m telling you guys this combo is uh-mazing!

Here’s a few little fun facts:

  • Halo Top ice cream only has 320 calories per pint!
  • They have tons and tons of flavors to pick from. I recommend the chocolate covered banana, pancakes and waffles, chocolate chip cookie dough, and oatmeal cookie!
  • They all vary in calories, aome are even less!
  • Low in sugar.


I will usually add 3-4 scoops of ice cream and 1/2 of coffee. That leaves it a little runnier than a milk shake but that’s usually the consistency I like it at. Feel free to do it as thick or runny as you prefer! Enjoy!

Till’ the next post!

Xo, Guadalupe

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