Lemon Social Blogger Bazaar


Hey there friends! Happy Monday! Back to the grind we go… I just wanted to chat about the Lemon Social Blogger Bazaar event yesterday. I had such an amazing time with my lovely gals from the @sandiegobloggerbabes community, and had the chance to see some great familiar faces.

I love attending blogger events, because you not only get the amazing opportunity to network, and expose yourself and your brand, but learn so much from talented and successful women. Plus, this event was filled with tons or local and super cute vendors. It really was the cutest set up ever! Very instagramable for sure!

The panel for this event was all amazing lifestyle and fashion bloggers who provided a tips of how to grow your blog and Instagram. I know, from personal experience, that starting a blog, heck exposing yourself is hard and scary. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned and have imbedded in my brain since day one, is that you have to love this. You have to love writing, blogging, whatever your niche is, it has to be you passion.

Here’s a few things I took away from today’s event:

  • Be passionate.
  • Be consistent and make your audience know you’re there.
  • Connect with your followers.
  • Post relevant content and content that you truly love.
  • Reach out to brands, don’t be scared.
  • Don’t expect pay at such a young start. All good things take time.
  • Organize yourself  and have a posting schedule. Use helpful apps like UNUM and PLANN to help you organize your posts.
  • Be cohesive with your posts and pictures, use the same preset or edit all your pictures the same.

Since starting this journey, I have learned so much and I’m so thankful for all the amazing women I’ve had the opportunity of meeting. This journey hasn’t been easy but it’s my passion and I love it!

If you’re a blogger, definitely consider attending an event.  It’s definitely tons of fun and you’ll definitely meet tons of new people! Below will be the ladies that spoke at the event  in case you’re interested in checking them out!

@samhwangg; @kimcoyo; @jessthrowiton; @ashbegash; @thatgemruby

Till’ the next post!

Xo, Guadalupe ♥


Drink is from S3 Coffee Bar
Cocktail is from Snake Oil Cocktails


Pops from Pacific Organic Pops


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